About Us

Walsh IP was founded with the goal of meeting the unique research needs of USPTO registered practitioners.  We aim to deliver the best patent research available in the industry, and because we have greater efficiency, we can offer our services for less.

Our drive to deliver great research has lead us to develop our own, far superior search tool, PSV.

The Founders

Patrick Walsh

Project Manager & Head Searcher

  • Mechanical Engineering Bachelors from Marquette University.
  • Masters of Business Administration from Georgetown University.
  • Ten years of product design, development and testing experience.
  • Five years of machine design in the areas of industrial automation and servo robotics.
  • Seven years of software development for project management and patent research (PSV).
  • Over 5, 000 Patent Searches completed in multiple areas using various tools, including EAST, Delphion and PSV

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Stewart Walsh

Customer Relations & Project Manager

  • BA in History and English from Marquette University
  • Six years of experience as a litigation paralegal
  • Extensive experience with database administration and analysis
  • Patent Researcher – Over 500 Patent Searches on PSV

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