Research and Project Management Tools

PSV – The New Standard in Prior Art Research Tools

PSV is a patent pending software tool for patent research and prior art analysis.  PSV was developed to solve the three major problems of patent research.

Classification – The most important factor affecting the quality of a search is the selection of subclasses.  PSV has a patent pending method of continuously suggesting new subclassifications for the patent search.  With over 100,000 classifications, even the most experienced searcher will miss areas in different, but relevant areas.

Speed – PSV provides rapid image flipping combined with multi-color text highlighting, enabling the searcher to rapidly assess the relevance of a document.  This is crucial since a typical search requires viewing of 3000-4000 references.  Most search technologies focus on delivering relevant art from the server side.  PSV enables rapid assessment of individual references by the searcher. This is especially important in the mechanical arts where words often don’t adequately describe the concepts.

Report Writing – We believe that rapid comprehension of references should be available to the attorney as well as the searcher. PSV automates report writing such that relevant information will be at the attorney’s finger tips. Our reports are comprehensive in that they show search strategy, concept words, features and relevant text copies from the best references. In addition, we can customize our report templates to users that request them. With this feature, you can have reports written to your specification and on your letter head.

In short, PSV is not the “Google of Patents.”  Instead, we have sought to augment the skills and abilities that good patent searchers already have and make them more efficient and accurate.

Pipe – Web-Based Project Management for IP Professionals

Pipe is the glue that holds our network together.  Built on Intuit’s Quickbase platform, PIPe is an online database managing every aspect of your project, from customer contact information to workflow. With this system, we can ensure on time delivery, without billing or other clerical mistakes. Moreover, our bulk users are provided with logins such that they can view progress on projects.  Pipe is the tool we use to power our Adminstrative Services.