Document Retrieval

Need documents from the Patent Office, but you’re not in the area or your don’t know how to get them? No problem! We have experience interfacing with the various document services at the USPTO, and we can get what you need hassle-free!

Patent File Histories

  • Fast turnaround.
  • $250 – first 200 pages, $.50 per additional page.  Free Shipping!
  • File histories are copied directly from the USPTO File Repository.  We do not rely on vendors because they tend use old copies whenever possible, which may be out of date.

If you’re ordering multiple file histories at one time, each additional history after the first is $200 and $.50 per page over 200.

Patent Assignment Documents

  • 10-15 Day Turnaround
  • $250 – first 4 assignment documents, $25 for each additional assignment document.  Free Shipping!
  • All assignment documents are delivered in hard copy and bookmarked PDF.

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