Patentability Searches

We deliver the research that helps you anticipate the PTO’s most likely avenues for rejection. Our search reports are easy to read and include links to all patent references in PDF, all delivered via the Web. No more expensive, useless boxes of paper!

  US Search add element tagging add an international search
Basic Mechanical $450 $50 $150
Complex Mechanical $600 $150 $150
Electronics & Electical $600-$800 $175 $300
Software & Business Methods $600-$800 $175 $300
Designs $400 N/A N/A

The search process involves:

  • A search of current and expired US patents and published patent applications.
  • Basic and Complex Mechanical searches include full subclass searching on the top 2-5 subclasses.
  • Non-mechanical searches will normally be text-limited, due to the size of the subclasses and the lack of relevant older art.
  • A typical US Search will involve viewing text and figures of 2000-4000 references

The search report includes:

  • Top level A-List of approximately 10 references that appear closest to the invention.
  • Secondary level B-List with references that may have one feature in common with the invention (helpful for navigating the most likely 103 rejections).

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