Administrative Services

With Walsh IP Administrative Services, we combine technical and personal support to serve you – the independent practitioner or small law firm. We alleviate your onsite needs for expensive software and human resources.

We’ve worked with a network of patent practitioners for several years developing a system that’s easy to use and eliminates most of your clerical burdens. By externalizing and automating the busywork, you can focus on the work that makes you money: practicing patent law.

Our Administrative Service is built on a foundation of personal support from experienced professionals. Every matter is assigned to a Project Monitor (PM) at Walsh IP who oversees and manages the technical and paralegal work. Your PM is a person with experience in IP procedure  and based in the US. Once you start a project in our system, you can focus on the legal work, while we see to the administrative details. You don’t need to purchase or learn complicated software.

The second component is our technology, our web-based docket manager, Pipe. With Pipe, we have gone far beyond basic docket management tools. It allows for extensive customization, which we have used to add functionality addressing the unique needs of patent practitioners.  To learn more about Pipe, click here.

To learn more about pricing, click here.