Why Choose Walsh IP Administrative Services?

A Project Management Tool Built for Patent Law

We know firsthand the twists and turns that your cases can take, and we have developed our docketing tool, Pipe, to anticipate everything that can happen.  Pipe is both a powerful database and a sophisticated, highly customizable project management application.

Short Learning Curve

Because we take care of the software operation for you, there is very little you need to learn to use Walsh IP Admin Services. Your Project Monitor can handle all the technical details of managing your docket. You just need to log in to view your cases statuses.

Access Your Docket Anywhere, No Software to Buy!

Pipe is built on the Intuit Quickbase platform, which is fully web-based. This means you can get to your docket from any web browser. There is no need to install any expensive software in your office, so your on-sight technical needs are minimal.

No Mistakes, No Missed Deadlines!

Pipe manages your data so that it seamlessly moves from database into forms and letters, so there is no need to worry about minor errors slowing you down. And Pipe automatically tracks application statuses, so that you don’t have to worry about missing deadlines.

Better Security, Better Uptime

Your data is stored on secure, redundant servers run by Quickbase. All connections to Quickbase are encrypted. Quickbase has a proven track record for high security and excellent uptime.

Access Controls

You can choose who has access to any matter in your docket on a case by case basis.  Granting and revoking access just takes a few mouse clicks.

Keep a Lid on Costs!

Beyond your subscriber fee, you only use what you pay for. There are no additional costs or hidden fees.