Deadline Manager

A missed PTO filing can lead to all kinds of problems and cost you big money. With Deadline Manager, we aim to make tracking important due dates so easy and intuitive, you’ll never have to worry about a missed deadline again. Deadline Manager is plain and simple, with no software to buy and nothing to learn!

Like all our project management tools, Deadline Manager combines reliable technology with knowledgeable personal support. It’s completely web-based, and getting started takes just a few minutes. Using Deadline Manager on a regular basis requires only a few minutes a week.

How it Works

To create your Deadline Manager account, we only need a gather the data on your current applications. To add a new application to your Deadline Manger account, simply email us a filing receipt for the application – provisional, utility, or PCT. You can update your cases by emailing us a fresh copy of your XML file, and we recommend adding our intake email to your PAIR automatic notifications. That way, we can update your Deadline Manager with the latest actions for you as they occur.

Deadline Manager Dashboard

Depending on application type priority date, we also automatically add deadlines for follow-on filings, such as provisional-to-Non-provisional and Utility-to-PCT.

Once an application receives an office action, we will set up the external deadlines for responses.  Your Deadline Manager account gives you access to our simple web-based docket viewer with to-do list and calendar.  On a single page, you have a complete overview of all applications with open responses to the office.  The list is color-coded to show how close each application is to a deadline.  You also receive weekly updates via email.

We use standard due dates for all USPTO responses and make changes to your Deadline Manager list based on updates from you. Let us know when you file a response, and we remove the open matter from your board.


Deadline Manager is available as a standalone service for $200 per month for the first 40 open matters. When purchased separately, Deadline Manager includes no automated document preparation or workflow tools. Document preparation is available for an additional $100 per month, and workflow tools are quoted based on your process requirements and number of users having different roles in your business.

We can add all your pending applications at once using your Private PAIR XML file. Contact us to request a quote.