Our virtual docketing system, Pipe, gives you the tools you need to stay on top of your cases.

Contact Manager

Projects start with people, and our contact management database helps you use your clients’ contact data in such a way that you have better security and greater ease of use. From a newly entered contact, you can begin a project, and use the data to generate all the forms and letters that will come up through the life of the project. Also, by attaching contacts directly to projects, we help ensure that communication is limited only to persons authorized to receive information on given project. Moreover, as your project progresses, there are places for all of the new data you accumulate. For example, when you file an application, we add the bibliographic data to the project and use it for later forms and filings.

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Task Manager & Deadline  Manager

Within Pipe, your projects contain a series of linked tasks that are based on templates having all the instructions for completion included. You can use the tasks as a checklist for yourself, and you can assign administrative tasks to us and other subordinates. Tasks are linked such that when one is finished, the next task automatically appears on the dashboard of the next assignee. The task manager helps you stay on top of a large docket by never letting anything fall through the cracks. Moreover, any tasks or notices with approaching deadlines are brought to reports that are on your dashboard, so that you can get a quick view the most important items on your docket.  The Deadline Manager feature is also available as a standalone feature.

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Emailed Notifications
Receive email notifications of your open tasks and new USPTO actions, including:

  • Daily reports of all open jobs, color coded for due dates.
  • Daily reports of jobs having status updates, including due date proximity (e.g., 15 days out and 1 day out); Provisional and PCT conversions; and jobs that move from waiting-on to in-process.
  • Notifications for events such as filing receipts, issuance notices, office actions, and other communications from the USPTO. All notifications come with secure links to the file wrappers for the corresponding matters.

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The XForms letter and form generator uses the project and contact data to quickly write documents, including PTO and PCT forms. XForms allows us to quickly generate letters from you to your clients or from you to the Office with no errors. Examples include:

  • US Patent Application (Provisional and Non-Provisional) templates.
  • Power of Attorney
  • IDS forms
  • Office Action Response to formalities, rejections, allowance
  • Patentability Opinion templates
  • Engagement and Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Notices to your clients pertaining rejections, restriction, publication, allowance, issuance, IDS requirements.
  • Notices to your clients pertaining to requirements for 102(b), Provisional to Non-Provisional, PCT, National phase application filings.

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Agreement Storage & Tracking

We store copies of your executed engagements and NDAs in Pipe and track their status. In addition, any time a Job is loaded in Pipe, we verify the status of the engagement (active or disengaged), and notify you of the need to either update or generate a new one. In addition, the XForms generator can be used to make the template engagement based upon your standard.

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Expense Tracker

From start finish, all expenses for your project can be logged on the project page. Expense reports can easily be organized and outputted. In addition, you can use the Pipe expense tracker to log your own billings to clients. This allows you to deliver a detailed report to them at any phase of the project. Moreover, you can generate quotes, bills, and year-end spending statements for you clients.

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Application Monitoring

The Pipe Application Monitoring System helps you stay on top of everything that’s going on with your applications at the Patent Office. The system uses PAIR XML files to monitor and log changes in application status and bring them to our and your attention so that we can take the necessary steps in a timely manner. In addition to monitoring application status, your virtual legal assistant can uses Pipe to set up required tasks and generate notices to clients, if needed.

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