Expanded Utility Search

The Expanded Utility Search builds from the standard patentability search, and adds scope, search strategy and report features.  Although we don’t consider this a freedom to operate search, many customers use this search for that purpose because the increased scope and additional search strategy uncovers the references affecting not only patentabiltiy, but also ability to manufacture a product. Steps include:

  1. Expanded Features Search We expand the search beyond the inventive features and search for references sharing the same art field that share any similar features. This involves covering more subclasses than in the normal patentability search.
  2. Legal Status Review We review the legal status of references the search results and indicate which ones are unabandoned/unexpired.
  3. Element Tagging We chart out the features of the invention and mark which references have which features.
  4. Assignment Search Based on target IP holders provided by the customer, we search the assignment database and assignment fields in the patent database. This provides an additional search strategy, above the basic classification based search.

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